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Pny Verto Geforce4 Ti 4400 Review Posted by Mike @ 4:35 P.M. on 8/26/02

Until June of 2001 PNY Technologies, Inc. was a manufacturer and supplier of computer memory(most likely where you have heard of them), digital storage media, flash memory/phripherals, and CD media. Based out of Santa Clara, California PNY is now gaining a reputation with their Verto line of graphics cards. Upon asking which GeForce4 Ti cards are reccomended on gaming message boards (Madonion, for example) you receive responses like "Leadtek, MSI, or PNY." Of course this makes sense, as PNY Verto cards are actually manufactured by MSI, and of course everyone loves Leadtek because of the pretty heatsinks, fans and slightly lower ns ram (things which aren't necessary unless your a huge overclocker, and have plenty of extra cash).

PNY cards are especially appreciated because of their lifetime replacement warranty, meaning, if your card breaks just call them up (or fill out an online form) receive an RMA #, ship it to PNY, they check to make sure it is broken, and if so they promptly send you a new one. However, PNY does state that damage done because of overclocking your Verto can be determined, and if they do determine this the warranty is rendered void.

The GeForce4 Ti 4400 is Nvidia's middle class card in the GeForce4 Titanium series product line. It runs with clock speeds of 275/550 compared to 250/444 of the Ti4200 ( a ti4200 w/64mb ram is at 250/500) and 300/650 of the Ti4600. Since the Ti4400 isn't quite the fastest card on the market(although it's plenty fast...) the price is significantly lower than that of a Ti 4600. The cheapest price available for a Ti4600 is $285 (Pny Verto Ti4600, pricegrabber.com). The cheapest Ti4400 on the market is the card we're reviewing today. About a month ago the Ti4600 price was much closer to $400 and, the Ti4400 was priced at $300. Since then the price has dropped down to $200, which is a great deal for such a powerful video card

Ti 4400 Features & Benefits
128MB DDR memory
8.8GB/sec. memory bandwidth
Unique maroon-colored card
Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ (LMA) II
NVIDIA nfiniteFX™ II engine
Enhanced Vertex and Pixel shaders, with new Z-Correct Bump Mapping technology
NVIDIA nView Display Technology
Accuview™ Antialiasing
Dual Vertex Shaders
Advanced Pixel Shaders
3D textures
Shadow buffers
Z-Correct Bump Mapping
Lossless Z Compression
Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
High-Definition Video Processor (HDVP)
TV-Out and Video Modules
Microsoft® DirectX®, 8.X and OpenGL Optimizations.

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