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EliteCool Heatsink Lapping Kit Posted by Mike @ 11:45 P.M. on 07/19/03


The most important part of a heatsink is how well it comes in contact with the CPU. Even with the best heatsink imaginable (100% pure copper, countless fins, and a 80 CFM fan to top it off), if the base does not come in good contact with the CPU then cooling power is being wasted. Using extra thermal compound may help, but will not provide the performance that a flatter heatsink would.

That is where heatsink lapping comes into the picture. Using sandpaper of inclining grits, you can turn a rough base into one that is extremely flat and mirror-like. To make things easier, EliteCool.com has carries these affordable kits to help you along the way. Provided are all the necessary grits of paper and more. Included is 1/4 sheets of 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, and 2000 grit paper. There is also 10,000 grit polish and instructions. Optionally available is a kit that includes a piece of glass to help you with the process, the glass kit is $7 while the standard kit sells for $5.

This heatsink was just begging for a lapping...

The heatsink we decided to lap is the Thermaltake TR-2 M2. Those of you who have seen this heatsink will know that it is very affordable and provides good cooling, but suffers from a poor factory lapping job. Absolutely no reflection can be seen in this heatsink's base, and the roughness is easily felt with a fingernail.

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