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All in all, I really liked this heatsink, and will continue to use it over other expensive copper heatsinks. An 11 degree (F) drop really surprised us, we were also surprised how quickly this thing cools the processor down back to an idle (or near idle) level. I also have to praise OCZ for the little handle they put on to attach the heatsink to the mobo, using this was very easy, and saved us the trouble and worries of fumbing around with a screwdriver. For those of you who don't know, many heatsinks require you to insert a screwdriver into a little hole and push down until the heatsink snaps in place, doing so presents the possibility of slipping and damaging the mobo. Just make sure the heatsink is facing the right way when installing.

So.. with all these pluses, what's the catch? We could only find one, it's noisy. With music on or while playing a game you might not notice it, but definately when the room isquiet. Even then we did get used to it in about a day or two. Plus, there are some easy ways to fix this if it really does bother you though. You could pick up a baybus, and supply it with a lower voltage to slow it down and quiet it up. You could also look into a 60mm to 80mm fan adaptor, pop on a quieter 80mm fan and you're all set.

I highly reccomend this heatsink to anyone who's looking to replace their stock HSF or even to replace some copper heatsinks. If you don't mind some extra noise, than for less than $20, this is one of the best deals around.

Special thanks to OCZ Technology for supplying me with this heatsink. Be sure to check their websites for other fantastic products!

·Fantastic cooling
·Easy to install
·Comes put together and completely ready for installation
·Less heat = More overclocking!


Final Score: B

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