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This is really what you all came to see, wasn't it? Well, let's get on with the numbers!

The Rig:
Processor: AMD Athlon 1Ghz
Memory: 256 mb PC-133
Motherboard: Generic
Motherboard chip set: SiS 730
NVIDIA reference drivers: 40.41
Hard-Drive: Western Digital 20GB
IDE Interface: ATA66
Sound: Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI 512
CD/DVD: 50x CD-Rom
Secondary CD/DVD: Hewlett Packard 8200i plus 8x CD-Writer
Power Supply: Premier 300 Watt
Operating System: Windows XP Pro

The Test:
1. Boot-up.
2. Run sisoft sandra burn-in wizard, both cpu tests on stress for 50 loops.
3. Check MBM5 for high temp.
4. Play ps2 for about an hour, check idle temps.
Room temp: 70F (21C)

Our case was a mid size, using only one fan to push air out in the back, so add in intake and these temps could be much lower.

11 degrees drop=more overclocking room
Wow... Eleven degree drop

I had no idea how much the AMD HSF blowed
Here we see the idle temps in Celcius... you Euros made me make an extra graph :p

11 degree full load drop, we were amazed.
Ahh, $15 for 11 degrees at full load, can't get a better deal that that..

7C full load drop
Here's the full load in Celcius.

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