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How To: Make your own CAT5e cable Posted by Mike @ 10:00 P.M. on 11/06/02


Anyone who has set up a network before knows how expensive networking cables can get. One twenty-five foot cable costs $20 at BestBuy. Instead of buying all the cable, why not make your own? Today we'll be teaching you just that: How to make your own CAT5e Cable - Up to 12 cables, totaling up to 100 feet, all for only $20.

So what exactly is CAT5e cable? Well CAT5e stands for Category 5e - Which is a type of data communications cable. The kind of cable that we are going to be working with today is 1,000 MBits/Sec 4 Pair/24 Gauge cable, for computer networks and internet service.

The first thing that we should do it get our materials ready, and here's what we'll need.
- 100 Feet of CAT5e Cable ($11.99 - Home Depot)
- 25 Pack of RJ-45 8-Position Modular Plugs ($7.97 - Home Depot)
- 1 Pair of Wire strippers
- 1 Pair of Wire cutters
- 1 Flathead Screwdriver

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